Mantispa Guitar

The Mantispa is the latest addition to the lineup. It is a headless multiscale guitar, also known as a fan-fret headless guitar.

Even lighter than the Tourbus models, weighing 1.6kg for the 6-string version, its folding system is inspired by the Dragonfly bass model, allowing it to unfold in a single motion. Once unfolded, support points for the arm and leg are present for playing while sitting with either the right or left leg. The two strap attachments allow you to attach a strap for playing while standing.

The two handmade Growl humbucker pickups are Soul of Tornado models with a high output level. On the edge of the guitar, you’ll find a volume control, a tone control, and a 3-way pickup selector.

It is fundamentally designed as the ultimate tool for Djent guitarists who require optimal ergonomics and precise tuning.

Like all models, it is entirely customizable, including the choice of woods, neck profile, scale length, neutral fret, and finish.

The Mantispa is available in 6, 7, and 8-string versions for both right and left-handed players.

Headless Bridge

The brass and aluminum bridge, specifically crafted for the Mantispa, allows for flexible and precise adjustment of string tension. Standard strings with a single ball end are used. The balls are secured by a pressure screw, making the system play-free to ensure optimal tuning stability. The saddles are adjustable. Two Allen screws, aligned with the string, enable raising, lowering, and adjusting the tilt of the saddle. Screws on either side of the saddle allow locking it in place, once again eliminating any play.

The head

The headstock block allows locking the strings through 2 Allen screws. The 2 locking points provide better stability without the need to tighten the strings too much. This way, the strings are less pinched and, therefore, less fragile.

Access to the neck adjustment screw, the truss rod, is located at the headstock level.

Pickups and electronic.

The pickups are handmade Growl pickups, Soul of Tornado model. These high-output pickups are designed for metal playing and are available with Alnico5, Alnico8, and Ceramic magnets, in various colors and finishing options.

For rock and jazz styles, the Feeling 58 and All Rounder Growl models can also be installed.

In the lower part of the guitar, the 3-way selector switch is housed, and on the upper part, there are straight or slider potentiometers for volume and tone control.

The playing positions


Finishes and options

A wide range of options is possible, here are some examples.

In Blue: Mantispa in stained blue figured maple with a walnut fingerboard, parts of the mechanism, bridge, and headstock piece in sandblasted aluminum.

In Red: Mantispa in stained red figured maple with a walnut fingerboard, parts of the mechanism, bridge, and headstock piece in black anodized aluminum.

In Brown: Mantispa in walnut with a walnut fingerboard, parts of the mechanism, bridge, and headstock piece in white lacquer. White pickups.

In White: Mantispa in figured maple with a figured maple fingerboard, parts of the mechanism, and black bridge.

In Black/Green: Mantispa in maple with a stained black walnut fingerboard, with lacquered green mechanism and pickups.

The models can be fully customized. Feel free to send a quote request for a custom model.



For the 6-string version:

Unfolded Height: 790 mm

Folded Height: 755 mm

Unfolded Width: 305 mm

Folded Width: 135 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Scale Length: 628mm –> 648 mm

Frets: 24 Nickel Silver frets / Zero fret / Neutral fret at the seventh

Neck Width: 43mm at the zero fret and 52 mm at the twelfth.

  • String Gauges: 3 sets of Skull Strings recommended
  • Light: 10-13-16-24-32-42 in Nickel or Stainless Steel
  • Medium: 11-14-18-26-34-46 in Nickel or Stainless Steel
  • Light/Bass Medium: 10-13-17-24-34-46 in Nickel or Stainless Steel.

In the Press

Guitar Part #356


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