Travel guitar

Travel guitar, travel guitars and travel basses…

It’s not always easy to travel light with a guitar. And a regular travel guitar has its limitations: it may be lighter and less cumbersome, but you often lose out in terms of comfort and workmanship. But that was before! Before the range of Tourbus guitars, Mini-bo guitars, Mantispa guitars and the Dragonfly bass.

Discreet as they may be in their case, these handcrafted guitars are designed and built with the utmost care to ensure they deliver the same sound and the feel of playing as a standard-sized guitar. Every detail is carefully considered and perfected: balance of the instrument, the foldable leg and arm rests, regular scale length, and quality hardware and pickups.

A Tourbus guitar, a Mini-bo guitar, a Mantispa or a Dragonfly bass can accompany you anywhere: at home (even in the smallest bedroom), on the move (by train, bus, plane, bicycle or motorbike), at rehearsals, in the studio and onstage.

guitare de voyage mécanisme
basse de voyage mécanisme
guitare de voyage mécanisme

My range of travel guitars and travel basses

Certain models have stood out in the history of the electric guitar, often because they showed themselves to be more suited to a particular style of music over another and then went on to be adopted by aficionados of a particular genre.

With this in mind, and to respond to the needs and means of each player, my guitars and basses come in several models, all handmade with the same care in my workshop.

Fancy trying out a travel guitar / bass, or need more information?