Growl pickups in JazzBass format, Buren type

JB Type

These pickup models were initially designed to fit my Dragonfly bass models. Due to their compact size, traditional JazzBass models with double rows of magnets were not feasible. Instead, a single row of large-diameter magnets per string is used. This pickup is powerful and very balanced.

It is offered in various formats: traditional JazzBass format, P90 format, and various custom formats for both the chosen cover and string spacing. For custom dimensions and series, please contact me.

It is available in 4, 5, and 6-string configurations.

Neck Pickup (4-string): R= 6.5 kOhm

Bridge Pickup (4-string): R=7.7 kOhm


Micro JazzBass format standard 4 cordes


Micro JazzBass format custom 5 cordes


Micro JazzBass format P90, capot ouvert 4 cordes

Growl pickups in Precision format, Buren type

The Precision Type

The same principle applies as with the Jazzbass, but for pickups of Precision type.

It consists of 2 half-pickups with reversed polarity, allowing for hum-canceling effects, and they are wired in series by default but available on request in a 4-wire version for parallel or series wiring.

Various formats are available, including humbucker format, P90 format, and traditional format. Humbucker-style covers are available in black, chrome, and aged nickel versions.

For custom dimensions and series, please contact me.


Coil resistance in series R=6.5 kOhm

Inductance 3.36 H


Micro Precision format P90 4 cordes


Micro Precision format humbucker

Micro Precision format P90 capot crème

If you need any further information, feel free to ask!