Olivier Louvel

Olivier was the first professional guitarist to order a Tourbus from me, after trying out one of my early models which was in a shop. He has remained involved in my work ever since, and gives me valuable advice on the models that I develop.

You can catch up with Olivier’s solo projects and his joint ventures, in the studio and onstage.

For discography and shows, go to: http://olivierlouvel.com

Judge Fredd

Judge Fredd is the guitarist with the band Cour Supreme, as well as being a specialist and connoisseur of all things guitar. He has written for a number of guitar-related books and magazines, including guitarxtrem magazine. He ordered the explorer version of the Tourbus from me, which we christened the XS. We designed that together and I went on to make a few more of them.

Website : http://www.judge-fredd.fr/


Corbal is a multifaceted artist who knows not only how to handle a guitar but a camera and a tattoo needle, too.

He has developed an exclusive technique that resembles the art of tattooing, but on wood.

To find out about his work, go tohttp://www.corbal.fr/


Growl is the brand of guitar pickups that I developed with the guitar maker, Godefroy Maruejouls. The idea behind this collaboration is to share our knowledge and experience and to optimise our production, so as to be able to offer a range of quality pickups which we use on our respective guitars.

We also developed a guitar model together: the Growl Model-One.