Mantispa Guitar

The Mantispa is the latest addition to the lineup. It’s a headless multiscale guitar.

Even lighter at 1.6kg for the 6-string version compared to the Tourbus models, its folding system is inspired by the Dragonfly bass model, allowing it to be unfolded in a single movement. Once unfolded, it features arm and leg rests for playing seated with either the right or left leg. The two strap attachments allow for attaching a strap for playing standing up.

The two hand-wound Growl humbucker pickups are Soul of Tornado with a high output level. A volume, tone, and 3-way selector switch are located on the edge.

It’s designed as the ultimate tool for Djent guitarists who require optimal ergonomics and precise tuning.

Like all models, it’s fully custom-made in terms of wood selection, neck profile, scale length, neutral fret, and finish.

It’s available in 6, 7, and 8-string versions for both right-handed and left-handed players.


The Tourbus Guitar

The Tourbus is a travel guitar designed and manufactured to be a true guitar, unlike the vast majority of guitars on the market. By “true guitar,” I mean an instrument that makes no compromises in terms of ergonomics and sound compared to a more traditional-sized guitar.


The Mini-Bo Guitar

In its early days, ZZ Top served as the backing band on a tour featuring Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. At the end of the tour, Bo Diddley gifted one of his three Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbirds to Billy Gibbons. Twenty-five years later, the Reverend took it out of its case and gave it a new spin, thus giving birth to the Billy Bo.

The Dragonfly Bass

Like the Tourbus, the Dragonfly bass was designed to be easily transportable while still delivering the ergonomics and sound quality of a fine standard-sized luthier bass once unfolded.


The Pickups

One of the key components of the sound of an electric guitar or bass comes from the pickups. I offer a range of hand-wound pickups under the Growl brand, which can be used to equip my instruments or replace existing pickups on guitars or basses from other brands.

A custom-made bass or guitar

Every guitarist is unique; they develop their technique, playing style, and musical identity over the years, deserving a custom-made guitar. Customization encompasses not only highly visual elements such as shape, wood species, finishes, and hardware but also everything that is not visible but audible, such as wood and pickup combinations, as well as everything that is not seen but felt, such as the ergonomics of the neck, body, instrument weight, and setup.

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  • Internationales de la guitare october 19-20 2024 Toulouse France