Exemple of a custom guitar

This is an exemple of the work made for the guitar of William.


William send me a sketch of the guitar he would like to have. I send him back a drawing with just the neck, the bridge and mark for the shape. He send me back his drawing modified.


Then I draw with CAD the guitar, we choose the hardware (bridge, tuners…) and try different configurations.

04-comparaisonautresguitaresI made on the same drawing the shape of his guitar and some guitars I had in the workshop (a tour bus, a strat, a LP, the cañon).

Thank to the  Growl guitar of test we choose the good pickup.

The spec of the guitar are the following:

  • Maple Neck, Alder body, walnut fingerboard and pickup.
  • Hipshot bridge and tuners
  • Pickup Growl-P2 for neck and P2+ for the bridge
  • Nut with 48mm, scale 635mm, radius 12”, 22 frets.
  • varnish cellulo


03-plan 05-logopersowiwisan

Some pictures

fab-01-pocketneck fab-02-body-and-neck fab-04-face

Some pictures of the guitar.