The Custom Tour Bus

The Custom Tour Bus

The Custom Tour Bus guitar is the version made entirely by hand in my  workshop. To build it together we can either start from a white sheet, from an existing guitar inspiration or build it by drawing inspiration from the model I have already made. In this page I will try to describe some possible options but which are in no way the exhaustive list of available options.

The wood for the fingerboard
Touche ebene guitare electrique

Ebony fingerboard with maple binding.

Touche noyer guitare

French walnut fingerboard

stage fabrication guitare electrique

Cormier Fingerboard

touche ebene guitare

Ebony Fingerboard without binding

For the fingerboard, I propose French walnut, maple, cormier, ebony, Indian rosewood, Pao ferro. The fingerboard may or may not be surrounded by a binding.

The wood for the neck
manche noyer ondé guitare

French walnut neck

manche erable onde guitare

Maple neck

manche 3 plis erable noyer erable

3 parts Neck Maple/Walnut/Maple

For the neck, I propose walnut, maple. These woods can also be associated with each other in several folds.

The wood for the body
corps noyer guitare

Figured walnut body

corps table erable guitare

Walnut body with figured maple top

corps aulne guitare

Alder body

corps noyer onde

Walnut body

For the body, it can be composed of a single essence or be with a table.

For the body, I can suggest walnut more or less figured, alder, Sipo and for the table if there is one maple, walnut or boxwood.

The Tuners
mecaniques gotoh sg360 chrome

Gotoh SG360

mecaniques hipshot closed

Hipshot closed chrome


Hipshot open

The tuners I selected for their reliability are either the Japanese   Gotoh (SG 360) or the American  Hipshot.

Basic I propose them with small rounded buttons, but other buttons are available.

For hipshots, they can either be with visible gear or closed. They are also available with lock.

For finishes they are available in chrome version, in black or gold version.

The Bridge

Fixed bridge Telecaster type

chevalet wraparound tonepros guitare

Wraparound Tonepros Bridge

chevalet fixe hipshot

Fixed bridge Hipshot


Vibrato Hipshot


Chevalet type Floyd Rose

For the bridge, there are several large families.

The first family is fixed bridge with eg Telecaster type,  Tonepros wraparound trestles and Hipshot fixed trestles.

The second family concerns the floating easels allowing by activating the stem to realize a vibrato effect. I selected the vibrato type Strat Hipshot or Gotoh and the Floyd Rose.

The Pickups
micro humbucker guitare

Humbucker type

mini p90 micro guitare

Mini P90 pickup

micro neck tele guitare

Tele Neck pickup

Regarding the pickups, I suggest you choose from the pickups that I wound by hand and you can find under the brand “Growl”. However, if you want another brand of pickups it is quite feasible.

On the page “pickups”, I wrote a few lines to explain the principle of operation of pickups and various parameters involved.

Depending on the desired aesthetic style and depending on style of play, I can offer you the pickups that will suit you.

It is often difficult to describe the sound in words, which is why I propose a test guitar.

The pickups can be Humbucker type, Mini P90, Tele type, Filterton type

The finish
micro neck tele guitare

Finition naturelle Huile Cire A+


Finition huile Cire sur Bleu


huile cire sur rouge

For finishing, I propose different solutions, the few examples above illustrate