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The Tour Bus

the luthier travel guitar

The Tour Bus is a nomadic guitar designed to be easily transportable in folded position and to find in unfolded position the ergonomics and sound of a good luthier guitar.

Ses caractéristiques


The head is equipped with 6 staggered tuners that allow easy access to tuning and changing of strings while contributing to the compactness of the instrument and the good balance of the guitar.


The body is composed of two elements that unfold to find the support points of the arm and the leg and guarantee the same sensations of sitting play as with a more traditional electric guitar. The two straps allow to play standing with a balanced guitar.


The choice of wood, pickups, fittings and the method of manufacture gives it a very good sound.


The two removable elements fold quickly and once the guitar is stored in its cover, with its 2 kg it will accompany you everywhere.

Les deux gammes

Since its debut in 2012, the Tour Bus has undergone several evolutions as it meets musicians, vendors and fellow luthiers. Two ranges naturally emerged:

  • La Tour Bus ‘Caster;
    I was inspired by the Telecaster principle of Leo Fender, who chose all the solutions to make an accessible model simple and effective. It is a model that I manufacture in mini-series, that I always try to have in stock and whose price is optimized without sacrificing the sound and the quality.
  • La Tour Bus Custom; these are totally custom made models made in a unitary way and on order.
La Tour Bus 'Caster
travel guitar guitare de voyage


Neck: Maple

Fingerboard: Maple

Body: Black Walnut

Moving parts: Black Walnut

Tuners: Gotoh SG360 chrome

Bridge: Gotoh Wilkinson 3 pontets laiton

Pickups: Growl handwounded TN et TB

Nut: bone

Neck joint: screwed

Lenght folded : 76cm

Width folded : 16 cm

Thickness: 4,5 cm

Weight: <2kg

Scale: 628 mm

Neck shape: en C

Transport bag: en Cordura avec 2 bretelles.

Nota: available in lefty version.

travel guitar guitare de voyage
travel guitar guitare de voyage
travel guitar
travel guitar head guitare de voyage tete
La Tour Bus Custom

Je vous invite à consulter cette page dans laquelle j’essaye de vous présenter de façon non exhaustive ce qu’il est possible de faire. N’hésitez pas à me contacter pour avoir une cotation précise du modèle qui vous interesse.

En live

Le groupe Hum de la compagnie du Griffe en concert.  www.compagniedugriffe.com

Le groupe Hum de la compagnie du Griffe en enregistrement.  www.compagniedugriffe.com

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