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The Mini-bo

The Mini-bo guitar also called ZZbus is a nomad or travel guitar inspired by the La Mini-Bo aussi Grestch Jupiter Thunderbird Billy-Bo (the product of the collaboration between Bo Diddley and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top).

This guitar is part of the custom models. Everything is possible and you can choose everything (from the wood to the shape of the neck). Some exemple of realised guitars are shown on this page.



tête guitare de voyage

It has a very compact headstock to both minimize its volume while ensuring easy access to the tuners and making perfect balance of the guitar whether playing standing or sitting.

The scale is 628mm (Gibson equivalent), the neck is glued to the body, the fingerboard has half moon dots and a volute which reinforces the connection between the head and the neck to make it unbreakable.


guitare legere

The solidbody is equipped at the back of a sliding part allowing to recreate the point of support on the leg and to be able to play sitting with the same references and ergonomic comfort of a more traditional guitar. The body can consist of a single piece of wood with a binding or two sides with a top table.


Micro growl filtertron mini bo travel guitar

In addition to selected woods and parts, it is equipped with handwounded pickups to approach the sounds of his eldest. One or two Growl F1 & F3 pickups specially developed for the Mini-bo, a 3-way toogle switch, a volume knob with or without split, a jack allows it to connect to any amp simply and efficiently.



Depending on the configuration, its weight varies around 2.5 kg. The softbag in cordura with 2 backpack straps allows to take it in the cabin by plane, bike, motorcycle, on foot and take it away for studio sessions, jams, concerts etc …

A custom bag in leather is also available.

Some exemples of Mini-bo Guitars
En live

Extraits du Concert d’EZ Top – ZZ Top Tribute au Belvedère de Champigny sur Marne (guitare et chant Brice Delage, basse Bruno Maurin, batterie Franck Amand)

Extrait du concert de Badass to the Bone avec Judge Fredd et Brice Delage pour le Megève Blues Festival.

Alexandre Geus avec sa Mini-bo lors d’un concert.

Retrouver Alexandre dans ses projets :

Darkside Tribute

Dans la presse
test guitare de voyage billy-bo guitarextreme travel traveller guitar ZZbus

Retrouver le test de la ZZbus dans GuitareXtreme n°71