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The Dragonfly Bass

The Drafonfly is a nomad Bass that will permitt to  you can take everywhere your sound !

This one is build by hand in my workshop.


Easy to tune

bridge for headless travel bass, dragonfly

The Tuners are in the back of the instrument

Comfortable and Balanced

ergonomic bass, travel, lightweight
The various elements of the mechanism of the bass make it possible to find the points of support of a traditional bass. The bass is well balanced both sitting and standing.


folded travel bass, easy to carry.
The wooden mechanism consists of 8 pieces, allows you to slide only one to fold the bass in a fraction of a second!

Easy to transport

soft bag for travel bass, plane, train, easy to carry, lightweight

It can be played standing on stage, at home or in the studio, and can be transported by motorbike, train, airplane cabin thanks to its padded, waterproof and practical cordura cover with its 2 bag-type straps back.

String exchange

tete basse headless

Any bass strings are suitable due to the locking system at the head. You will not be blocked on the other side of the world by searching in vain for double ball strings!

The sound

bass pickups for travel bass dragonfly

In addition to the woods selected for their sound, the drafonfly bass is powered with 2 Growl pickups hand-wound and developed for the Dragonfly.

Sound control

volume control for travel bass

Sliders can control the volume and tone and a selector to associate pickups.


fret zero, headless bass, lightweight bass

The models being tailor-made, the string spacings, the tuning fork and the neck profile can be adapted to each person’s morphology and taste.

Some exemple of dragonfly bass